Laurel LPC-3

Laurel LPC-3

Automatic Coin Wrapping Machines

L&L Systems is pleased to introduce the LPC-3 as the latest in automated coin wrapping. The LPC-3 has been designed with the reliability, the durability, and the accuracy at the highest level to fulfill your demand. LPC-3 is a product that has passed through our strict quality inspection to maintain its high quality.

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  • Increased Productivity – LPC-3 processing speed increased more than 20% compared LPC-2R providing high productivity for your operations.
  • Easy Operation – The operation of LPC-3 is incredibly easy. It does not take much time to learn how to operate, just set Rolle Paper and select denomination, press Start Key.
  • Flexible Batch Settings – Flexible Batch Setting System is available to set the batch number by using the Batch-Numeric Keys. You can select any batch numbers quickly and freely.
  • Easy Maintenance-  LAUREL designed LPC-3 to be accessible more inside the machine to facilitate maintenance. By opening the Front Cover and the Upper Cover, the operator can easily reach to the inner part of the machine to check and to clean inside.


  • Specifications Dimensions H × W × D 1035 × 400 × 550 mm
  • Weight Approx. 110 kg
  • Wrapping Speeds Max. 25 Rolls/min.
  • Counting Speeds Max. 2500 coins/min.
  • Hopper Capacity Approx. 9000 coins
  • Clear Box Capacity Approx. 2000 coins
  • Reject Box Capacity Approx. 800 coins
  • Acceptable Coin Diameter Range 15mm 〜 33mm Acceptable
  • Coin Thickness Range 1.0mm 〜 3.5mm