Laurel K3

Laurel K3

Currency Sorters

The K3 Series is the 3 + 1 pocket Fitness Sorter. The body of K3 Series has been refined as compact as possible with high-speed Bank Note processing.

JAPAN Quality

Like our other LAUREL products, K3 Series has gone through our own Quality Examination in order to keep the Quality at high.

We now confidently introduce K3 with JAPANESE quality such as the reliability, the durability, and the accuracy at the highest level to fulfill your demand.

Reliable Accurate Fitness and Authentication Detection

The K3 Series is equipped with the same latest generation of Validator unit JDU-64 or JDU-65 for fitness sorting and counterfeit detection, as well as other LAUREL Fitness Sorter K4/K8/K12.

High-speed banknote processing

The K3 Series can process banknotes at the remarkable high speed even while performing the serial number recognition with the fitness sorting.

Highly Selected Components for High Durability

The K3 Series is comprised of highly selected durable parts and can tolerate heavy usage.

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Easy User Maintenance

The K3 Series is equipped with the self-cleaning function of sensors and requires minimal maintenance to maintain high performance over a long period of time. The machines are equipped with Dust Trays to facilitate daily maintenance.

Ergonomic Layout design

The hopper position has been set up at almost the surface of the desk.

All pockets and LCD Display located in front of your eyes for easy access and remove bank notes easily.

This layout can reduce burden of operators and increase productivity.

This is also because of our User Friendly Concept on K3.

AMBP (Active Motion Bill Press)

Bill press automatically moves up when it detects hand motion, and it is easy to load bank notes

Customizing Sorting g Configuration

The K3’s Sorting Mode includes Denomination, Fitness, ATM-fit, Face & Orientation and Issue sorting. The wide range of functions will meet customer needs. As your need arise, the combination of the Sorting configuration can be customized.

Serial Number Function (Option)

The K3HR captures and transfers the image with the OCR text to the upper devices simultaneously without reducing the counting speed. And the function of the Serial Number Comparison enable to detect the composite note or the suspicious notes.


Customer Display, OSD-1, Printer

LAN / RS-232C, USB

Serial Number Function

Validator Unit
Dimensions (HxWxD) 495x640x400 mm
Weight Approx. 60 kg
Counting Speeds Up to 1000 notes / min.
Hopper Capacity Max. 1000 notes
Stacker Capacity Max. 250 notes
Reject Capacity Max. 200 notes
Display 5.7 inch Color Touch LCD Display


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