Laurel K8

Laurel K8

Currency Sorters

Laurel K4/K8 Rev.2 will bring the innovation based on over 40 years of our experience in Bank Note processing. The body of K4/K8 Rev.2 has been refined as compact as possible with high speed Bank Note processing. You will experience amazingly high-cost performance with our K4/K8 Rev.2.


Like our other LAUREL product, K4/K8 Rev.2 has gone through our own Quality Examination in order to keep the Quality is high. We now confidently introduce that K4/K8 Rev.2 with JAPANESE quality such as the reliability, the durability, and the accuracy at the highest level to fulfill your demand.

K4/K8 Rev.2 Released

Our amazingly durable machine; K4/K8 has been succeeded to receive the highest reputation ever from the customer. Although we are satisfied with K4/K8, we continue to pursue further customer satisfaction. As the result of that, we succeeded to improve the durability and the usability by applying our market survey and the field opinions. Now, we proudly introduce the new version of the machine as the K4/K8 Rev.2. The Evolution of K Series will never be stopped.

User-friendly Design

Comparing with other sorting machines with 4 and 8 pockets, we assure that K4/K8 is physically the smallest Note Sorting Machine with 4 and 8 pockets. Due to the efficient size of K4/K8, one operator will be enough to control the machine. In addition, the hopper position has been set up at almost the surface of the desk. This is also because of our User Friendly Concept on both K4/K8 Rev.2.

High Productivity and Cost-performance

The K4/K8 Rev.2 boasts a counting speed of 900 notes/min. and will significantly improve operation efficiency in your daily cash handling work. The high productivity and the functionality of K4/K8 Rev.2 will meet your requests and solve your problems.

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Reliable Fitness and Authenticating Detection

The K4/K8 Rev.2 is equipped with the high-tech Validator JDU-62, which is the result of LAUREL’s more than 60 years’ experience in cash-handling.

The K4/K8 Rev.2 meets ECB standards of the Banknote Recycling Framework. Its Fitness Detection functions sort out taped, soiled, dog-eared and poor-quality banknotes from clean notes. In addition, fitness settings can easily be changed to meet specific needs and requirements. The K4/K8 Rev.2 is equipped with newly-developed IR/MG/MT sensors, enhancing Authenticating (CF) Detection.

Flexible Sorting Edit Modes

The Sorting Pattern Edit Mode has been improved more from K4/K8 Rev.1. This can help you to have more flexibility to customize the Sorting Pattern in order to follow different kinds of the customer demand.

Enhanced New Feeder

By adding the Vibration Roller to the current Feeder, the machine can feed the bank note which has a variety of conditions with higher stability. As the result of this, the enhanced New Feeder of K4/K8 Rev.2 will help to increase your productivity.

Easy Operation

Operating the K4/K8 Rev.2 is as simple as turning on the Power Switch, selecting the Mode, and setting the banknotes onto the Hopper. Initializing process is remarkably fast. In addition, the large LCD and Touch Screen enable the operator to verify each operation and to observe more information.

Sorting Stacker

Each stacker is equipped with LED illumination to indicate a full Stacker and a display where the number and type of banknotes are indicated by different colors. The operator will know immediately which Stacker is full and what type of banknote is being sent to which Stacker.

Large Capacity Reject Stacker

The K4/K8 Rev.2 will improve efficiency thanks to a Reject Stacker with a capacity of 200 notes. The condition of the Reject Stacker is indicated by an LED illumination for the operator to perceive whether it is full or a banknote remaining.

Easy Maintenance

The K4/K8 Rev.2 is equipped with the self-cleaning function of sensors and requires minimal maintenance to maintain high performance over a long period of time. The transportation path can be opened widely for easy access to the banknote path, which helps facilitate maintenance and handling of jammed notes. The machines are equipped with Dust Trays to facilitate daily maintenance.

Easy Software Update

The software updating on the K4/K8 Rev.2 is simple, enabling long-term use of the machine.

MCS Function (Multiple Currency Select)

Max. 4 currencies can be programmed depending on the demand of the customers. New denomination (if newly issued) can be easily updated.

Specifications K4 Rev.2 K8 Rev.2
Sorting Modes Denomination, Fitness, ATM-fit, Face, Orientation, Issue
Dimensions (H × W × D) 700 × 700 ×400 mm 700 × 960 ×400 mm
Weight Approx. 95 kg Approx. 130 kg
Counting Speed Max. 900 notes / minute
Hopper Capacity Max. 1000 notes
Stacker Capacity Max. 200 notes
Stacking Method 4 Stacker Wheels 8 Stacker Wheels
Display Full Graphic Large LCD Display
Interface Link RS – 232C
Power Source 100 – 240 V 〜50 / 60 Hz